We must learn how to eliminate it from our lives.

Stress and heart disease.

The relationship has been established many times,yet many do not consider it a major risk factor because it is subjective and difficult to prove.

It is also difficult to establish the link between the emotion and physical effect it has on the long term risks for heart disease.

Many people with heart disease commonly complain that they were under intense stress when they begin feeling chest pains and other symptoms of heart disease.

Throughout the years, various studies have shown that acute stress increases the incidences of heart attacks.

It is difficult to quantify and determine exactly the effects, each of us handles it differently, and we vary in the amounts that we can be subjected to.

What we do know about stress and heart disease is this

Stress causes the flight or fight response in our bodies. Our heart rate increases, our blood vessels constrict our muscles tense, the oxygen needs in the body increase, and the tendency of the blood to clot increases.

We are poised for vigorous activity. Staying in this state for lengthy period of time increases our cholesterol levels, our blood pressure, and our homocysteine.

All of these are major risk factors for heart disease, they are directly associated with high rates of heart attacks.

In addition, the constriction of the vessels can cause spasms that block the blood flow causing sudden cardiac arrest.

What can we do? We must learn how to live a relaxed life

It has been proven that through various relaxation methods, all of these risk factors get reduced.

The relaxation methods are:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Massages
  • and
  • Living a healthy lifestyle

We should begin using these techniques, besides for the actual benefits we gain that we begin to enjoy our lives. We are also insuring ourselves that we are reducing our risk for heart disease, the leading cause of death, in the western world.

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